Reflector Teacher™

An education-focused wireless mirroring and streaming receiver for phones, tablets and computers.


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Reflector Teacher

An education-focused wireless mirroring and streaming receiver for phones, tablets and computers.

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    Reflector Teacher is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that runs on a teacher’s Mac or Windows computer. It allows teachers to display a real-time view of one or more student computer or tablet screens to the entire class. Anything that is happening on a student device will be shown on the teacher computer screen. Compatible devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones/tablets, Chromebooks and Surface Pros. 


    Reflector Teacher is only needed on the teacher’s Mac or PC. It does not require any additional software for student devices because it’s able to receive the native Miracast*, AirPlay or Google Cast connections built into the devices. 


    Once installed on a teacher’s computer, students can wirelessly share their screen with the teacher. There’s no need to get up, plug in and change sources. If the teacher’s computer is connected to a projector or larger display, everyone in the room can easily see the device screen.

    *Miracast not compatible with Reflector Teacher for Mac.

  • Education Focused

    - Preconfigured Settings Ideal for Classrooms
    - Compatible with Reflector Student
    - Compatible with Reflector Director

    Media Streaming to Reflector

    - Stream Photos and Movies
    - Audio-Only Streaming

    Device Control

    - Smart Layouts
    - Emphasize Devices
    - Frames
    - Show/Hide Connected Devices

    Security Options

    - Quick Connect
    - On-Screen AirPlay Codes
    - Connection Prompts

    Real-Time Mirroring

    - Android Mirroring with Google Cast
    - iOS Device Mirroring with AirPlay

    Record Your Screens

    - Recording with Voice-Over
    - YouTube Live Streaming
    - Embed Frames
    - App Store Ready
    - Multiple Device Recording

    New for Reflector Teacher

    - Updated interface
    - Full Resolution Screenshots
    - iPhone X Frames
    - Windows Device Mirroring with Miracast*
    - Greatly Improved Speed, Performance and Stability
    - Screen Peeks for Connected Devices

    *Miracast not compatible with Reflector Teacher for Mac



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  • Just bought @ReflectorApp and can't wait to use it in our inservice today! Showing my iPad screen on my computer (and projector). #mocfv
    - Sandy Groom-Meeks

    Nice tool to demo mobile apps for presentations per screenshare by @squirrels
    - Phillip Schweizer

    Just recommended @ReflectorApp to another educator for recording how to register, since they use iPads in their orientation process.
    - Josh Murdock

    TechCodeClub learning @scratch Jr., reflecting all 10 iPads with @ReflectorApp #ncecsd @Rs1stgrade #kidscancode
    - Mike Brown

    Massive thanks to @ReflectorApp! Now I can record iOS stuff finally! <3

    @ReflectorApp @bigguyinabowtie I love reflector. Students are amazed when you can project wirelessly.
    - Mr. Terborg

    Reflecting my iPad using @ReflectorApp was a game changer for my classroom!
    - Traci Piltz

    @ClassTechTips glad to see @ReflectorApp made the classtechtips. I love reflector for the #blendedlearning classroom #BLCB #edtechchat
    - Marcia Kish

    Teachers @TonkaSchools using @Squirrels @ReflectorApp to mirror iPad @DPTonka
    - Dave Eisenmann

    Are you using @ReflectorApp in your classes? You should be!! Changes the way you deliver instruction!!!
    - Natasha Rachell

    Just had a big demo/meeting and people were amazed with Reflector app. Almost like I was some sort of Tech Wizard haha
    - Clayton Parker

    Bought @ReflectorApp last night to record a website prototype from my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air for our #RWD presentation today.
    - Sven

    Two iPads at once???!!! Thanks @ReflectorApp for letting our K students share their coding skills! #irvingpride
    - Bill Davini

    @ReflectorApp worked perfectly showing a video on my phone during my presentation at #267learntech Thanks @Squirrels
    - joseymour

    Kinda hard to avoid NOT buying @AirParrot after having such a great experience with @ReflectorApp, eh, @Squirrels? Purchased earlier today.
    - Adrian Chen

    Found @ReflectorApp today. A great piece of software, for recording iOS and Android screens in usability tests!
    - Tim Roes

    thank you @ReflectorApp
    - San3ar

    Purchased @ReflectorApp for home computer and recorded iPad screen to demo an app for students. Worth every penny.
    - Mike Mohammad

    My students really enjoy sharing the results of their research using @ReflectorApp.
    Marko Markolovic

    I love using the @ReflectorApp to show student examples of different ways to solve the same problem!
    Grace Kowalski