Licensing Terms

The Products transacted through the Service are licensed, not sold, to You for use only under the terms of this license and the Squirrels End User License Agreement (EULA), subject to Your prior acceptance of that separate license agreement. The licensor, Squirrels LLC (“Application Provider”), reserves all rights not expressly granted to You. The Product that is subject to this license is referred to in this license, AirParrot and Reflector, as the “Licensed Application.”

1. License Purchasing

Application Provider is the sole, authorized seller of AirParrot and Reflector software license key(s). Each license of AirParrot and Reflector is only authorized for a single usage on a single computer or virtual machine and shall not be installed and licensed on additional computers, regardless of concurrent use. You agree not to install and license the Licensed Application on a number of computers or virtual machines that exceeds this stated limit presented during purchase. You agree to purchase additional licenses to license computer or virtual machines beyond the stated limit.

2. License Transferring

You agree not to share, publish, transfer, sell, resell, transpose or otherwise reassign the software license key to any another company or end user.

3. License Technologies

Reverse engineering Licensed Application keys, registration processes, trial processes or encryption is not permitted and is forbidden under United States copyright laws and other international copyright treaties.

4. License Rights

Application Provider reserves the right to deactivate, blacklist, disallow or discontinue the use of any software license key(s) determined to be grossly misused. Application Provider is not obligated to provide refunds, compensation or replacement keys in any instance where this agreement has been violated.

5. Reseller Agreements

Application Provider does not authorize software resellers to purchase and resell, redistribute or reassign software license key(s) except when explicitly authorized, in writing, and memorialized in a Squirrels Reseller Agreement. Absent this agreement, resellers are not permitted to purchase Licensed Application. Software license key(s) provided to end user by a reseller without an executed Squirrels Reseller Agreement are subject to deactivation.